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Zagreb has a middle European continental climate –  cold foggy winters, very mild springs and autumn and hot and sultry summers. In summer make sure you have a hat and water with, in winter you may want to have a gas mask against smog. Comparing to Dalmatian coast, to Split or Zadar, Zagreb is some 10°C colder in winter. But in  spring and summer just as warm. Unless you are a Far East tourist who fear sun very much and  carry sun umbrella around, a descent hat will do. For Zagreb – the average annual air temperature for the year 2016 is 13.1°C what ranks mentioned year as the seventh warmest year on record. Summer averaga: 27°C, winter average 5°C. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). All in all, very pleasant climate. Great to live here.  Actually, today, A PERFECT DAY for a walk in Maksimir Park.

Today, 11th June, 2017 temperatures are at daytime 28°C, sunny and windy, clear skies, great weather.

Zagreb parks

Parks in Zagreb

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