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Nikola Tesla Monument Zagreb

Nikola Tesla’s Monument Zagreb

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatian region called Lika, in Smiljani, a small village nearby Plitvice Lakes in 1856. One of the greatest minds of all the times has his great monument in Zagreb town, at the begining of Nikola Tesla Street. The monument is a work by Ivan Meštrović, one of the greatest artists born on our Croatian soil.  Quote,  written by Tanja Rudez, “Many people who pass by Mestrovic’s monument to Nikola Tesla every day at the intersection of Preradoviceva and Masarykova streets, most likely don’t know that the greatest inventor and greatest sculptor of this region were close friends. They met in New York in 1924 and numerous letters of their correspondence are preserved in the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade and bear witness to their friendship…”

I am just too humble to feel  competent enough  to say something about this great man, so pls follow this link I liked very much:

If you would like to book a guided tour of Zagreb, or Plitvice Lakes and Smiljani, a birth place of Tesla, pls. send a form.


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