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YES ! Tap water is generally safe to drink everywhere, except specially marked places: like water on train toilets and similar. Everywhere you go, at your accommodation, in public places, public toilets, feel free to drink tap water. Surely, you can buy bottled water in shops – Sv. Rok water, or Jana water,

Is water in Croatia safe to drink

but no need for that. Actually, Croatia is rich on water sources,  a region called LIKA, this is where Plitvice Lakes are,  is a largest source of water in the whole of Europe. In terms of the proportion of surface and underground water reserves in the country, Croatia ranks near the top globally, while in terms of the size of its per capita water reserves, it is the third in Europe, behind Iceland and Norway.

Plitvice Lakes with your guide

Plitvice Lakes with your guide


Plitvice Lakes with your guide

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