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KATARINA THE GREAT, EMPRESS OF ALL RUSSES, exhibition to delight art lovers at Klovićevi Dvori Gallery Zagreb

April 12 – July 29, 2018

Exhibition in Zagreb

Exhibition in Zagreb, April 12 – July 29, 2018

The Klovićevi Dvori Gallery opened a  great exhibition KATARINA THE GREAT, EMPRESS OF ALL RUSSES, exhibits brought from one of the world’s largest museums – Ermitage Museum from St. Petersburg. Ermitage is considered the second largest museum in the world. Art experts applauded the announcement and said Catherine the Great was an inspiring character for visitors of all ages.

Zagreb exhibition

KLOVIĆEVI DVORI Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

The concept of the exhibition Klovićevi Dvori Gallery is the result of a joint collaboration of experts from the Ermitage State Museum St. Petersburg and the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery. The audience can see more than 1,000 exhibits on two floors of the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, where they will learn about Catherine’s life and arrival in Russia and on the throne, the prey, the imperial family and court, its great role in education and enlightenment, foreign policy and wars which he led, and in the first place would be able to feel the charm of art passion that led to the purchase of many collections and the founding of the Hermitage.

Exhibition in Zagreb

Exhibition in Zagreb – porcelain from Imperial Porcelain Factory St. Petersburg

In addition to the magnificent Emperor’s portraits and works of European painting, the exhibition features abundant sculpture, artwork, garment items bought by the Katarina the Great  and other members of the courtyard, objects of art crafts (glass, ceramics, services, silver, gold), medals, weapons, furniture and valuables. There are collections of porcelan dishes, products  of hand-painted ceramics that had been used in the court,  made in the Imperial Porcelain Factory   also known as the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory in Saint PetersburgRussia. It was established by Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov in 1744 and was supported by the Russian tsars since Empress Elizabeth. Many still refer to the factory by its well-known former name, the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory.

Exhibition in Zagreb

Exhibition in KLOVIĆEVI DVORI Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia



The exhibition of Catherine Velika is an unusual artistic event in our city, state, and also a wider region that will surely attract tens of thousands of visitors from all around the world .

Exhibition in Zagreb

Exhibition in KLOVIĆEVI DVORI Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

See you soon in Zagreb, let me guide you through the streets of Zagreb.

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