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The best time to visit our town Zagreb would be spring or autumn. The temperatures are pleasant and mild and the town is not crowded with tourists. However, if your travel plans fall in summer, watch out the temperatures and avoid sunny asfalt squares at noon. You can buy a hat at Dolac Market and hide yourself in one of numerous street cafés. Or, go for shopping to OKTOGON SHOPPING PASSAGE.  For sheer class in a shopping area, this is hard to beat. So close to the main square, it is easy to miss it – but don’t. The centre of Oktogon passage has a wonderful stained glass roof shaped into eight angle form, latin word for it is OKTOGON. The shops here are quite  expensive but good for window shopping. There is a Croata kravata shop- brand for ties, something really special and hm hm.. not cheap at all.

Zagreb city tour

Summer in Zagreb

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